CORPRICOM Broadcasting Photography
I am always blown away by these facilities. The images of WGBH in Boston are simply awesome.
WGBH was custom built by Systems Group in Hoboken, NJ. Please email me for their contact info.
Samples of CORPRICOM Broadcasting Photography by Andy Washnik
Andy Washnik has photographed broadcasting & network facilities around the country for ABC-News, WGBH, WFSB, WNYU, WWE, CNBC, HBO, NBC, ESPN, Court TV, Score, Discovery, PBS, WNET, Rainbow and many others showing TV Studio, Facilities, and Broadcasting Photography.

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Audio Insider - Mix Magazine article features photos by Andy Washnik. The Score chooses Andy Washnik for photos shot at its Toronto facility. BE story here.
Fraser Studio
WGBH- Boston
Master Control
WGBH- Boston
Studio B
WGBH- Boston
TV Control Room
WGBH- Boston
News Desk
WFSB - Rocky Hill
News Edit
WFSB - Rocky Hill
Control Room
WFSB - Rocky Hill
News Desk Weather
WFSB - Rocky Hill
Ingest (thru glass)
WNYU - New York
World News
WGBH- Boston
Yawkey Theater
WGBH- Boston
Production Control
WFSB - Rocky Hill

The five images below were photographed at
World Wrestling Entertainment in Stamford Ct. Thanks Marty!
The image below is a 180 degree panorama made up of six images and
shot at Court TV in Manhattan!
The images below were shot at Court TV in Manhattan! Thanks Joe
These images were shot at The Score in Toronto. Thanks Brad!
Andy Washnik's work is regularly featured in BE Magazine.

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